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Sensaphone Alarms - To protect your home and/or business! Temperature alarms are a simple product that will alert the user when the temperature drops below or rises above the set threshold. Other options that Temperature alarms are good for are power failure, fires, high temperatures, and humidity. Heat Alarms are also available to monitor the heat in the house and turn on the air conditioner before the owner arrives at the home. Greenhouses are especially important for temperature monitoring because if running a greenhouse, the environment must be controlled to the point of maximum growth. When greenhouses are built, the walls can be made of either plastic or glass. The sun emits a visible ray to the materials in the structure and heats everything inside. Since this is the case, ventilation is of the utmost importance. If ventilation is not proper, then the plants can be left with problems. Humidity and Temperature are the two conditions that are monitored 24/7. If there is a temperature alarm in place, if the levels drop even a degree, the user can be alerted that there is a temperature change. The user can then deal with either a failing ventilation unit or adjust the temperature in the greenhouse accordingly. Sensaphone The Sensaphone 400 has a built in feature to call the user with a recorded voice if the proper condition is met to trigger the alarm system. It can contact the user in the case of power failure, temperature problems, loud noise, water leakage, open doors, etc. There are many models to choose from such as the Sensaphone 800. The main difference between the 400 and 800 is the inputs of 4 and 8 respectively. With the four (4) or eight (8) inputs that come with each device, users are able to connect a variety of sensors to monitor in any sequence such as: water, humidity, temp, etc. Each zone can be controlled separately, combined, or disabled altogether. There is also a built in relay output that allows the user to switch on and off external devices automatically or manually. The unit has built in surge protection to act as a failsafe if there are voltage spikes in any facet. TEMPSPOT With technology growing as fast as it is, Wi-Fi is almost in every household. TEMPSPOT is a Wi-Fi temperature sensor that can monitor the temperature of water or any non-combustible fluid. The TEMPSPOT will communicate with the SpotProtect cloud servers and log all history of the device. Once users log into the cloud, they are able to program and re-program the sensors as well as read all history. The way the user is notified is by text or email. The Wireless security can be Open, WEP, WPA, or WPA2. Open and WEP are not recommended for using for your router security because they are older encryption styles and are easily hacked. WPA2 Personal is the standard of wireless security for less of a chance of the network getting hacked. Make sure to use a long password when implementing the WPA2 security password to lower the risk of being hacked even more. *Passwords should be AT LEAST 12 characters, Uppercase, Lowercase, digits, and potentially symbols. This gives the user more bits of entropy, to prevent attackers* Cell682 Cellular services are another common technology that is vastly growing in today’s society. When there is no land line around and there needs to be an alert sent there is no better unit than the Cell682 by Sensaphone. It allows the user to be notified of any environmental change or other programmed condition requiring an alarm. With 14 inputs and 2 outputs the Sensaphone Cell682 is one of the top cellular alarm systems. Below are the specifications and features: Advanced Features: 6 Analog Inputs: o Can accept any 4-20mA analog transducer. o Input range can be custom scaled to measure in real engineering units. o Thermistors can be connected directly to accurately measure temperature. 8 Dry Contact Inputs: o Each channel can be normally open or normally closed. o Any input can be configured to accumulate run time. 2 Relay Outputs: o Manually controlled through web site. o Automatically switched when an alarm occurs. o Built in duplex pump control logic. o Alarms can automatically initiate an output response to a different location. Alarm NotificationWhen an input channel detects an alarm, or out of range condition, there is an immediate communication from the Cell682 out to the redundant Sensaphone servers to process the alarm. The appropriate people are then contacted immediately by the Sensaphone servers using the following methods: o E-mail messages o Cell phone and pager text messages o Custom voice phone calls
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