Temperature Alarm

Temperature Alarms and Dialers

We carry most leading brands of temperature alarms, freeze alarms, cabin monitors and cottage sitters. These products can simply call you when the temperature drops or rises or you may use them to monitor for fire, power failure, high temperature, humidity, water leaks and intrusion. Check out our Heat Alarms to monitor a rise in temperature or to turn on the A/C before your arrive.

Use our temperature alarm dialers to protect your cottages, cabins and second homes from both freeze and heat damage. If you leave your cottage or chalet open through the winter months than it is possible to have a furnace failure resulting in burst pipes and expensive water damage. Use one of our temperature alarm dialers and be notified immediately when the temperature inside your chalet or cottage falls below safe levels. For peace of mind you can even call in anytime and listen to a real time temperature reading.

Our Temperature Alarm Systems:

  • Monitor and record temperature in refrigerators and freezers
  • Automate manual temperature collection processes.
  • Get immediate notification when a temperature violation arises rather than after the damage is done
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Sensaphone Alarm Dialers

Will call you with a recorded voice to inform you of temperature problems, power failure, high noise, water leaks, open doors etc. Many models to choose from including the very popular Sensaphone model 400 with Cottage Sitter features which can warm up your building before you arrive. Proven reliability for over twenty years with nearly a quarter of a million systems in use today!

Choose from systems designed specially to monitor for home or cottage temperature alarms, or commercial grade systems designed to monitor greenhouses, servers room etc. for temperature alarms.

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Sensaphone 400:

Just: $355.50 USD

Freeze Alarms from Control Products

Freeze Alarm models will call you with temperature alarm conditions. With multiple Freeze Alarm Dialers to choose from there is a Freeze Alarm for any budget. Choose the Freeze Alarm Deluxe and you can warm up your home or cottage with a phone call, before you arrive!

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Freeze Alarm Intermediate:

Just: $158.00 USD

Temperature Guard Alarm Dialers

Temperature Guard alarms have their own built in rechargeable battery for batter back up. Use them to monitor second homes, cottages etc. for temperature alarms or power outages! Calls you when an alarm is detected!

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Temperature Guard VM5003:

Just: $198.00 USD